About Me

Handcrafted for You

My mission is to create luxury custom jewellery that is affordable for you.

I create end to end solutions, this means you deal with me and only me throughout the entire process. I employ the designers, craftsmen and even source the most beautiful gemstones and exceptional jewels from all around the world. Cutting out any middle man means I can ensure a quality and perfect product at the best price.

Individuality and personality are components of true luxury which is why my head designer works closely with you to make one of a kind jeweller’s art.

I design handcrafted and create beautiful one-of-a-kind examples of the jeweller’s art. All Optic Boom Diamonds are Guaranteed to be conflict free and comply with both The United Nations Resolution and Kimberley Process Certificate Scheme.

My priorities are fairness, transparency and superlative service.

My mission is to redefine luxury at affordable prices . I believe that individuality and personality are components of true luxury.
Given this, fairness and sustainability when dealing with people and resources are not contrary to luxury, but lie at the heart of its true meaning.

Experience the world of personalization, precious gemstones and exceptional jewels, paired with excellent craftsmanship and fair service, in the heart of Australia. With a European designer, we select the most beautiful gemstones for you: I browse worldwide markets, cutting out the middle men and use cutting-edge software and technology to find the best daily prices.

I will help you evaluate which gemstone suits you most. You can rely on my extensive experience covering the realms of jewellery.

Together,  I work towards my mission to redefine the meaning of “luxury”. Distinguished expertise, interpersonal appreciation and, especially, pleasure in team accomplishments form the solid foundation of  my achievements. This spirit is perceived by many – not only by our customers, but also our vital partners: the gemstone cutters, goldsmiths and stonesetters in their workshops. These craftspeople are among the best .

Louise  Owner/ Director of Optic Boom Jewellery

ABN 89 541 432 369